Reviews and Testimonials for JA Wash n Dry

We know that the success of JA Wash N Dry is based on satisfying you the customer. Please see what our customers are saying about our laundromat.

"Brand new store behind the T-Mobile store. Brand new machines. A beautiful store. I notice something different about the dryers when I went in and asked the owner. This store has reversing dryers which the owner says will reduce my drying time by about a third. It did. I was in and out of the store in 20 minutes less than I've ever been. You've got to check this place out. If you have to do the laundry, this is the place to go. WiFi and plenty of TVs. There's even a mobile payment system so you can use your smart phone, quarters, collar coins or credit card to pay."
"I love this place. Clean with lots of room to fold laundry, sit, relax, vending machines, nice attendant. Just a great laundromat."
"Very clan and organized because there's always somebody to attend this laundromat."
"JA Wash N Dry is great! We use their wash and fold services and it's great every time. It's a great price, done by employees who have an eye for attention to the details and best of all it's fast turnaround. All we have to do is drop over laundry in bulk and they sort, clean and fold! Pick up is same day! Oh and I just learned they are doing pickup and delivery for commercial accounts. Big time saving for our company."
"Cleanest laundromat. Friendly staff. Easy to use app. Washer and dryers work great. They have a nice little play area for the little play area for the little ones with cartoons playing on the tv so you can get what you need done."
"Love this place. Always nice staff is amazing!"
"Super clean. Super friendly. Love the app. Much easier than using quarters."
"First of all...the laundry facility is very clean and sanitary!!! The machines are very efficient and reasonably priced. The staff is very pleasant and friendly. I recommend JA Wash N Dry!"
"Yes of course I recommend JA Wash N Dry for good. This is a very clean place to come and wash. This place is band new and the washers and dryers are awesome. All the washers and dryers are built with the most advanced technology. I recommend JA Wash N Dry to have a satisfying experience."
"This is a nice laundromat. It even has an app that you can put the washer number and pay for your washer with the app and they have a free dry!"
"Yes of course. This place is always clean. The customer service is very good and JA Wash N Dry is nice. And FREE dry!"
"Very clean. It is so awesome. Love that I can use the app."
"Money's worth. Love this place. Love how the setup is and how clean it is inside. The app is great."
"I only come once a month to wash my blankets and comforters, but this place is amazing. I can use my app to pay for and start the washers and dryers. The best part of all is I can set up to be texted 3 minutes before my wash or dry cycles end!!! This is super awesome for a busy woman."