Laundromat in Grand Prairie with Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

JA Wash N Dry is a brand new laundromat in Grand Prairie, Texas. We have 100 brand new Huebsch commercial washing machines and dryers. Our coin laundry also takes the iPhone or Android app to start machines. We are a tech-friendly store. JA Wash N Dry took over an old, closed-down laundry and in its place, built this state-of-art store that offers FREE DRY. We also offer wash and fold drop off laundry service. And for your convenience, we have added laundry pickup and delivery service throughout the D/FW Metroplex.

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Our Laundromat Has You Covered


Self Service Laundromat

Visit the newest laundry in Grand Prairie with over 100 machines. We offer FREE DRY!


Wash & Fold

For those who are too busy to do their own laundry, let JA Wash n Dry do it for you!


Pickup & Delivery

Schedule a FREE pickup when you reside within a 25 mile radius of JA Wash n Dry.


Commercial Laundry

We specialize in commercial business laundry!


Dry Cleaning

FREE Pickup for your Dry Cleaning order!

Our Laundromat Pricing

Wash &
Per Pound

**12 lbs Minimum Order

Pickup &
Per Pound

**$40 Minimum Order
**FREE Pickup & Delivery! 
**Setup Recurring Pickup for $1.49/lb pricing!

Washer & Dryer Prices

  • 20 lb Washer (10 Total) $3
  • 30 lb Washer (10 Total) $4.75
  • 40 lb Washer (10 Total) $6.25
  • 60 lb Washer (6 Total) $8.75
  • 80 lb Washer (5 Total) $11.25
  • 100 lb Washer (3 Total) $13.25
  • 30 lb Dryer FREE!
  • 45 lb Dryer $0.25 (28 Min)

About Us

JA Wash N Dry is a brand-new laundromat in Grand Prairie, Texas. The store is a brand-new, beautiful, full-service laundry. The new owner has lots of small business experience, but this is his first laundromat. After much research and guidance, he found a location and decided to make it the very best in laundries. The customer-service attendants in this fully attended laundromat have been well trained in helping its customers! And the owner believes in giving back to the community and has worked with many non-profits, including FCA, Young Life, and several local churches. The neighborhood is grateful for this wonderful addition.


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