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Frequently Asked Questions About JA Wash n Dry

Self-Serve Laundromat Questions

We are open from 8 am to 9 pm Monday-Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, we are open from 7 am until 10 pm.

Our 30 lb dryers are free. Our larger, 45-pound dryers are almost free. We charge only $0.25 for 28 minutes.

The dryers change directions when drying. This is to prevent knotting, but it also makes the clothes dry faster.

We have every size machine all the way up to 100 pounds!

We are in a shopping center with lots of parking.

We have change machines for quarters or you can use an app on your I-phone or Android pay for it. Our customers love the app!

We sell it behind the counter.

Absolutely! We have a kid's corner where we have cartoons playing all the time.

Yes, from the time we open until we close!

We have a loyalty program through the Huebsch app.

Wash and Fold Questions

No, we provide the detergent, stain remover and softener. We have a large selection to choose from: Gain, Tide, Downy Ariel, Foca, Suavitel.

We will guarantee next day service, but if we have the time, we will provide same day service.

Our minimum order is $15.

We'll text you.

Yes, although we charge $0.10 per hanger.

Commercial Laundry Questions

Yes, we will. We can also pickup and deliver them if you want.


The price depends upon what kind of items you need washed. Towels are the least time consuming to fold. Baby clothes are the most difficult as they are very little. Price depends on how much you want us to do and how often as well as the difficulty.

We do not expect our customers to sign a contract. We know that if we do a good job, you will continue to come to JA Wash N Dry.

We will discuss how often you want to be billed and you will be invoiced unless you prefer to pay by credit card.

Pickup & Delivery Questions

You will get them back the next day.

Let us know where you want to leave the clothes, i.e. behind the gate, the front porch, or in the manager's office.