Wash And Load Woman Adding Clothes To Machine Min Min

Coin and Smartphone Operated Self Service Laundromat in Grand Prairie

JA Wash N Dry is the newest and nicest laundromat in Grand Prairie, Texas.


Because this coin laundry is so nice, customers are driving all the way from Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as the smaller towns nearby.

This self-service laundromat has 100 brand-new Huebsch washing machines and dryers in all sizes.  All the 30-pound dryers are FREE. If you need a larger dryer, we have 45-pound dryers that are only $0.25 cents for 28 minutes! Our dryers use a reverse technology, and your clothes will dry much faster than a traditional dryer!


  • 20 lb Washer (10 Total) $3.00
  • 30 lb Washer (10 Total) $4.75
  • 40 lb Washer (10 Total) $6.25
  • 60 lb Washer (6 Total) $8.75
  • 80 lb Washer (5 Total) $11.25
  • 100 lb Washer (3 Total) $13.25


  • 30 lb Dryer FREE!
  • 45 lb Dryer $0.25 (28 Min)

Our hours are 8 am - 9 pm Monday through Friday. On the weekends, our hours are longer: 7 am - 10 pm. Our last load is at 9 pm during the week and 10 pm on the weekends. If you start a load before we close you are welcome to finish your laundry.

Our laundromat is fully attended with someone there to always help answer any questions. We have six televisions for your entertainment. Bring the kids, we have a children's play area with cartoons always playing. We vend drinks and candy and sell soap and dryer sheets behind the counter. You will find plenty of seats and plenty of folding tables. Not only do we have change machines, but we have a bill-to-bill machine that will change your large bills to smaller ones. We are tech friendly - we also have an iPhone and Android app for paying.

Our full-service laundromat has self-service, or if you desire us to do your laundry for you then drop it off for our Wash and Fold service!